Sunday, June 1, 2008

what a weekend!!!

The plans for the wedding kept changing. I found out thrs night that we were staying closer to the wedding site-we headed out east on I 20. We were told to be there at 2. We made it at 2:30 which is not bad for us!

Weddings in a dysfunctional family are pretty much not fun and this one fit right in. But first our accomdodations: Kris and Tyler were in a hotel at the Reynolds Plantation-not the Ritz but a very nice one. Linda, her mother and I were to stay at a "cottage" owned by friends of the brides's parents. Also part of Reynold's Plantation! This was like no cottage I have been in before. Suffice it to say that it was on the fairway! The bride's parent home is on Lake Oconee! Not too shabby! And to think I thought about throwing towels in my suitcase so we could shower!

The weekend was awkward to say the least but thank goodness it is over! Unfortunatly, Tyler and Wim (Krista's fiance) ate soemthing at the reception that gave them gastroenteritis. As today was the travel day home for the "Northerners", this was not a good thing. Poor Tyler made it home this morning with just one stop. And I called Kris awhile ago and he seems to be a bit better. Haven't heard on Wim yet. They were flying to NY and then driving to Vermont. I guess this should go down as one of those "let's forget this weekend"!

Ballet recital this afternoon for Sarah. She quite a little ballerina! I picked up Bailey at the vet. She had her bath today and is all fluffy. Right now she is on the bed! I think I should think about a bed too but I still have to do a load of laundry.

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Becky said...

Wow! Rough weekend:) Glad that you are home. Hope that you are able to take it easy. Reynold's Plantation. You go girl! I know Bailey and the boys are glad that you are home. See you Saturday!