Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Orange Crush-the borders.....

I have turned the corner with the cold (I think) and yesterday was able to do the math and put the borders on the quilt. I held my breath as I was pinning the pieced border to the plain inner border BUT it worked!!! My original plan was that the outer border would be the reddish fabric that is in the body of the top. However, the quilt top is bigger than I thought and I do not have enough fabric. So this morning I went into the sewing room to see what I had so that I would not have to piece the outer border. My first thought was that it should be a dark green. I found one but when I laid it next to the quilt, it just didn't do anything for me! Back to the drawing board. I found a tone on tone tan/brown that I like, so I think I am good to go. I will hopefully be able to cut the border and finish the top after work today. Picture to follow.

Laurie sent pix uploaded to shutterfly. Lots of sumo men-I guess she likes her men pretty much naked. Hope she does not bring one of them home! Bailey would not approve! I enjoyed the diversity of the pictures and landscapes of Japan that she uploaded-temples and the Ginza strip, Tokyo and more rural Japan.

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Becky said...

Good job! Can you share your math measurements for the borders. I put OC away for a while. I worked on the blocks for the neutral quilt. Hmmm, naked men. Sumo naked. Glad you didn't post those :) Give Bailey a hug for us! Love the grandma, grand-dog picture!!!

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Your orang crush is wonderful..but just remember you are a silver thimble FIRST! Wow about some applique??