Saturday, June 21, 2008


Lucky #13 quilt completed this year is "Rotten Vegetables". The pattern designer called this quilt "Squash Blossoms". Pat challenged me to do the applique on the border. All of my friends know how I feel about applique- machine or otherwise. I refer to it as heinous applique. I am not fond of doing it and am not good at it! Maybe that is why I don't like it. At any rate, a couple of years ago when this pattern was a featured pattern for a sisters quilt, I took the challenge. Now Pat will tell you, I bitched the whole time I was working on it! But finish it, I did! And then it sat in the pile with the others waiting to be quilted.

Last night I went to sisters to pick it up and show Pat that I did complete it. I managed to trim it at the shop and sew the binding on it. I guess Friday nights are not good for me because by about 8:30 all I wanted to do was go home and plop down on the couch. So I did. Took some tylenol first and then put the tv on. I felt much better when I woke up and started to do the hand work on it. And now I have that done too! ALL DONE!!!!!!

I took a trip over to Marietta this morning to see if I could find some cute fabric for the baby quilt for Kathy's coming grandbaby. While I was browsing, there was a gal who had done a baby quilt using a modification of the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I never thought of that as a possibility for a baby quilt. Now I have the fabric in blues and green for the little boy and I came home and found my pattern. Tomorrow I will cut it out. Tonight is is back to the couch with more tylenol!

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CINDI said...

Hurrah! It is done and looks quite spectaclar.

Becky said...

This is still one of my favorite quilts. My top lives with my brother and his family in Florida. I must have just missed you on Friday. I left about 5:00 ish. Which shop in Marietta did you visit?