Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the grandkids-Sarah, Emma and Bailey Megabux

The vet called this afternoon with the results of Bailey's lab work. Her lab values basically are the same as 3 months ago-BUN slightly down, creatinine slightly up. For you non-medical people that translates to early renal failure. Fortunately she does not need fluids yet but this weekend we will start a new medication which may slow the progress of the disease. Laur didn't ask the price of the med but knowing vet meds it won't be cheap! She was mbusy looking it up on the web!

Sue took pictures of Bailey's visit yesterday. If you hit the "Fried" link and scroll down to favorite things, you'll see pix of the little girls with their four footed cousin!

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend! I hope you have a splendid day! Enjoy!

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!!! say Hi to Melisa for me when you go visit this weekend for your birthday! I am sending much love and well wishes to you and to Bailey-Megabux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS: your Rotten Vegetables rocks! I need to finish the applique still on mine. Why did I start needleturning this one???