Friday, December 7, 2012

Fridays are so good..

 Look what the UPS man left at my door!!  It's from that place in Texas...  See there is even a little bit of decorating done..
And here is what was in that box.  It is Brannock & Patek's new line Audra's Iris Garden.  I first saw part of this on Karmen's blog (Linda Brannock is her Mom)  And I knew it was a 1-800-GOTTA HAVE.  When I saw it on the coming soon site at Fat Quarter Shop, I put my name in.  I had a gift certificate from Sue and the little girls and I have now put it to good use.  I am not sure what pattern I am going to use.  I have to check out some of my books.
Easy Street -Part 3 was up when I got up this morning.  I printed it out and cut most of the pieces before I went to the pool.  I say most because I guess I was having trouble counting to 64.  When I went to press, I had 63 blocks.  I love the purple and turquoise in this block.  I had some cute snowman fabric and some of the blocks have all of him!

Yesterday I finally got the place mat done for the guild meeting  I also finished a gift that I can't show 'cause it's a surprise.

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