Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothing to do but wait....

Slow eek so far. I picked up 2 quilts from Peggy and I am working on sewing on the binding. "Gretchen Made Me Do It" and a very happy summer quilt made from the Moda Fresh line. Makes me happy just to look at it! Pictures to follow.

36 hours and counting to Party on the Porch tomorrow night. I can't wait. Lots of laughs and bargains at Bed Melisa's Sweet Home.

AND this is the weekend that is scheduled for bumper construction. I really must get these bad boys done. Baby Snugglebutt is due to make her arrival late October/early November. Baby shower is already scheduled. Her quilt is sketched out as well. Now I just have to do them!

But now need to go to work......

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