Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Lights-part 2

I had to finish (actually pretty much start) part 1 so I could play on part 2. This is going to be s great pattern I think. But that will have to wait until the next issue of Quiltmaker-probably out in October. I should be able to get this part done by then! Willie was checking out my seams-most of them are pretty good!

And on another totally unrelated topic..i wonder why no one has ever written a book about a nursing home. of course there is some sadness there but there is also some pretty funny stuff. I would title the book "There is Always a Full Moon at the Home". I was sitting at the nurses station this afternoon and was reviewing orders written on a new resident. Her meds came with her including rsaberry flavored morphine! I just had to giggle. And then I went with that thought..suppose you could make frozen morphsiciles.... I guess I just need a vacation about now.

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

Gretchen said...

Your blocks look great! I'm going to work on mine this weekend. Willie is becoming an expert quilt quality assurance cat! Even checking your blocks and seams!

Becky said...

I like how the blocks are looking in Step 2. No sewing here at Chez Rabalais. Back to school has taken all my energy. Rusty and I read in the evenings.

Rasberry morphine! Yea, you need to write the book. You definitely have a way with words.

Take care!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Sign me up for one of those sickles..I'll take a case of them.


PS Christmas lights are a glowin!