Friday, August 21, 2009

A Goose loose?

Call me wacko bananas...I have been looking at this particular quilt project since I first got the Lintott's new book...the followup to the Jelly Roll book. This one also adds layer cakes and other "cuts" to the mix. I always dessert first!

Anyway, this week I started their "High Flying Geese" 30 in the book. I am using a jelly roll (!!!) and white background fabric. It calls for only 320 flying geese units. The block is rather small and the layout 5X8. I have decided to change it and make it 6X7. What is another 16 geese at this point.

I guess I need my head examined as there is a new project at Thimbles this weekend. And baby snugglebutt has her needs too. I really MUST start on the bumpers or the child will be in kindergarten. I need to get on the stick!! I need some coffee! HURRY UP THIMBLES!!!!

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Gretchen said...

You do have a goose loose to do all those flying geese from jelly roll strips!!!!!!!!