Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Trip

Gretchen is at home sewing her fingers off and being very productive I am sure! Cindi called and asked if I was up to a trip out to Bad Melisa's. What a foolish question. I needed a piece of green fabric to make cornerstones for the top I took apart.
I was able to find a suitable piece. And then the trouble started! Cindi mentioned we need 2 one yard pieces of fabric for a project at camp. That would be the green and black fabric in the picture. And then in the Civil War room I was drawn to a set of fat quarters. That would be the ones on the two. At the counter Moda's newest temptation was in..kind of like putting candy at he supermarket checkout...BAD MELISA. They are called Petit 4's. I know Pat talked about these in her blog but they are SO CUTE!!! They come with a cute pattern that I will never make but it is cute.
All this retail therapy...I must now rest!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

I see some fabric that I would have had trouble resisting. Those Petite Four's are cute. What size are they? Moda, another four letter word....

Gretchen said...

Great loot from Bad Melisa's. I am holding off until the end of the month. I agree with Becky; Moda is a four-letter word!!!!