Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long week over...

I was glad to get to the end of the work week. It seemed to go on forever..
Last evening I hit the kitchen once again...what is wrong with this picture? I wanted to make the dish for the kids. I had made the sauce the night before. I decided to make Pat Wys's spaghetti pie recipe. I had to give her a call because the notes I had were incomplete-no oven temp or time. Thanks, Pat-now we are good to go! I made the recipe and divided it into 3 portions-so they can eat and freeze the rest.

I also stopped on the way home at Hobby Lobby looking for wire wreaths. When I talked to Cindi, she had seen the project I wanted to do with honey buns. She suggested the Moda Bake Shop site and that is where it was. I found a heart shaped wire frame and that is what I am using.

I am hoping to finish sewing the binding on Christmas Lights this weekend. Also have to go get some undies for Sweet Home panty raid coming up soon. Bad Melisa is donating to a shelter-(go to Sweet Home site for the details-such a good cause!)

I am sure the weekend will fly by and it will be Sunday evening before I know it. Maybe Miss Alice will be awake when I deliver the food and will permit a picture. Such the obnoxious grandmother!!

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