Friday, November 20, 2009

It could not come soon enough this week..

I am so glad it is Friday. Reflecting, the week did go quickly
Last evening was the family Thanksgiving dinner at "the home". The activity department and the kitchen did a wonderful job lots and lots of food. I manned the buffet line-in charge of sweet potato souffle complete with gloves and black hairnet. I thought the line would never end. It made for quite the long day. I did take a break during the day and went down to Sweet Home-just because it's there. I visited with Bad Melisa-the panty queen and did a little damage. I bought a jelly roll of Aster Manor. (I wonder if the Moda Man is a panty king? Boxers or tidy whiteys...something to contemplate in my spare time).

Yipee tomorrow is Thimbles I am so ready..guess I'll go now and pump some coffee in the system...Later for you

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Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

THIS is how rumors get started! Panty Queen????