Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's official...thanksgiving is almost here. I took the day off today for grandparents day at the girl's school. We had breakfast and I got to go to their rooms. In Emma's class, i helped her with a craft..we made a paper turkey. Sarah's class was making a turkey game. She won twice. I will demand a replay on Thanksgiving Day.
Kris made her first solo trip since Alice was born...out to Kroger for supplies. I stayed with little bit. She is staying awake more now and I even got to see her blue eyes. She is still wearing newborn size clothes but her outfit for thurs is 0-3 months. I hope Laur brings her camera..actually I need to tell her to bring her camera so I can get a picture of the three girls together. Alice goes for her check up tomorrow-it will be interesting to see how much weight she has gained.

2 nights ago, I took out the quilt top with the swap fabrics that I finished but HATED and threatened to put it in the rag pile. I now have ripped out the whole thing. While I was out today I stopped at the J store and bought a light tan and a chocolate kona. I will try again....second and last chance!

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Susan said...

Oh my, all that work and you ripped it out!

Happy Thanksgiving!