Friday, November 27, 2009

Martha Stewart need not worry..

the wonder Willie took to the hills in the sewing room. I am not a neat cook!

The end product-Glazed chocolate-pumpkin Bundt cake. I pulled the recipe off It has a not too sweet-spice cake type taste. Don't know when I will use the bundt pan again. And what do I do with the buttermilk that it needed?

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Sarah and Emma were in charge of the decorations. They did a great job. with placemats, name places and lots of turkeys. The food was yum and I have my leftovers in the refrig. Our tradition at holiday times is that we all bring our containers and get to take home what we want for another meal. I also brought home a ham bone and have to figure out how to make pea soup. The kitchen is getting way too much use!
Short work day today and then I can play. Bonnie Hunter's step one of Carolina Christmas is available. Gotta play!

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Gretchen said...

Beautiful bundt cake!!!! I'm thinking the cake pan can hold some Moda man fat quarters until you bake again. Leftover buttermilk is for making pancakes!!!! Yum! You better give the kitchen a rest after that, you don't want to wear it out LOL!