Friday, October 30, 2009


I just checked the Sweet Home site and Bad Melisa has a good giveaway this week. Love the line..check it out-it's Moda!

I know for sure I have turned into my mother. I had refrigerator issues this week. The repair man came yesterday and was unable to fix it in one day...needs to come back. Great..I was sure that this man would never show up today and I would be sitting here cooling my heels. I was wrong. He got here shortly after I got here and now the refrigerator is fixed. I have a mess on the kitchen floor as there is still water that needs to evaporate in the drip pan or so says the man (who was not easy to understand)! So I now have a refrigerator/freezer with very little in it. My frozen stuff is over at Sue's house..need another trip over there to retrieve it.

Also want to get over to see Alice this weekend. She got a good report from the pediatrician today.

NOw I guess I should figure out what I can eat tonight!

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