Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Blogger reports

I am not fond of being photographed. And yet Mom is always trying with her fancy dancy camera. Last evening Meena came over for supper and Mom tried to poison her! Well I guess it was not really a poisoning because they both ate the same thing...I don't know because none was offered to moi. I got a bone with some peanut butter in it which was quite good although not very filling. I think Meena ate bread and water.
Mom told Meena to aim her camera at me to keep me away. I had to hang out under the table to prevent photo ops. Mom says I need to go for a visit to Meena's house so I can meet Willie. I am not sure what Willie is-I hope he likes to play. I like playing with Ayla and Lainie no Brainie but they are bigger than me. I hope Willie is little.

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laurie said...

poison? No... chili that was a little too spicey? Ooops! sawwy! (I thought it was delish though!)