Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Melisa has a giveaway and plans for the weekend..

B.M.-E.T. (Louise's name for our wacky but wonderful Bad Melisa) has a new thing going on. A Friday something or any rate go to the Sweet Home site and check it out but I REALLY want to be the winner on this one. A MODA book...(Moda Man has sent out yet another message via the "waves")!

And now to the weekend...BIG PLANS!!
It is a Thimbles weekend so we will be sewing and laughing and cutting up tomorrow. Don't think I'll make it tonight..too much to do! Not sure what I will be sewing tomorrow.
Vicki delivered my Sassy 16 quilt and I am sewing on the binding...that is an in front of the tv project. I have to get started on the quilt for Sarah for Christmas out of the girl scout material..I am thinking a disappearing nine patch for that one!

My precious, wonderful but crazy oldest daughter informed me yesterday that she needs a costume for school. She bought some fabric for me to sew. She says it is an easy project...this from the girl that forgot to buy straight pins to pin the pattern to the fabric. That is the Sunday after church project. I think that Sarah will be a better helper than Sue. Sarah wanted to sew last weekend and I think I will give her some fabric and help her make her own rag quilt. (if she is in the mood).

Somewhere in the weekend, I have to do the usual stuff like laundry, etc.
But right now I had better do some work so I can keep the Moda Man and Melisa happy!

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Sue said...

Awww, you think I'm precious!