Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recovering from weekend activites

It has been a FULL weekend. Yesterday I went out to Sweet Home for a day of recreational sewing with Becky, Cindi, Gretchen and
Christi. We invaded the store as it opened and spent the day sewing with field trips downstairs for new projects. We have decided on a new swap called Patches and Pinwheels. It is one in Bonnie Hunter's free patterns. I had already printed it out months ago (March) with hopes of doing it. We are going to use Civil War type fabrics for the swap. Christi is figuring out the math. It is a 2010 swap project. I worked on Carolina Crossing and finished the quarter square triangles (100) Also made the pillowcase for Emma's Christmas

Sue was already at my house by the time I got home and the their toys were out and the TV on. Sue and Rob went sown to Atlanta for a night out. Don't know which hotel they stayed at but they had a good time. Sarah and I worked on her rag quilt project for her Brownie try it badge. After the first few blocks, she did all the sewing of the blocks by herself. This morning we sewed the quilt together. I just helped guide the material. I sent Sue home with my rag clipper but her project is done. I will get a picture of it after it is ragged.

They went home and then I TOOK A NAP!
The weather is cold and rainy and I never even bothered to get dressed. All in all, a good weekend. Hop over to Gretch's blog for a great recipe. Her pound cake was Yum!

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