Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby it's cold outside....

The weather pixie had to go to her closet and get her coat out again....what happened to Spring? Sure we still have the pollen but good grief- Bailey-it's cold outside! This morning she was out about a minute and a half. Then she came back in selectively ate her breakfast and is now on the couch watching the news!
I had hoped to turn the heat off by now but I refuse to freeze. I am worth being comfortable. It is supposed to be worse tonight. Sleeping is okay because I moved some of my recently completed quilts onto the end of my bed so the guys would be warm and comfortable. Henry of course, sleeps on the pillow next to my shoulder for most of the night.
I started a new book last evening...."Sleeping With Ward Cleever". It is a Pat Sloan selection from her book club. Some of it reminds me of my life...hmmm! I finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and really enjoyed it. I also got another one of her books from the library.
The backing for the Far East quilt is not yet speaking to me so I am taking a break on it. I really have to get the baby quilt for Sue's teachers aide done because school only has a few weeks left-6 maybe. Oh boy-no school buses.....I am a school bus Grinch! But it is not really the school buses...or even the teachers going to work...it is all the little darlings who have to be driven to school. And now I have beaten this dead horse enough!

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laurie said...

I love that Wonder watches the news - she's not only aware of weather, she's knowledgeable of world affairs! That dog is so smart!