Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Daily Bailey

I decided to try skype last evening. Since Tokyo is 13 hours ahead, I called Laurie early in the morning. I figured she would be up and getting ready for work. Well the phone rang and then I got a leave a message instruction in Japanese! My Japanese is limited to mushi mushi and sayonara! So I left a message with hopes that I had called the correct number. Shortly my telephone rang with an unknown 678 number "LLM Services". What the heck-last night I told off some woman calling from the kidney foundation. (They seem to be using people's own phones to solicit). But I was feeling adventursome. At any rate, it was Laurie-go figure. The last time she called the caller id was unknown name with a 000 number. I still don't know how this works but it is so nice to be able to talk to her.
She calls the "daily Bailey" nanny cam on the blog! Nothing new. Bailey did do the houdini out of the kitchen yesterday while I was at work. I guess she feels that the bed is more appropriate for snoozing than the kitchen floor. As long as she doesn't leave me any surprises she can stay in the bedroom. She stayed in her bedroom last night and has already been out and had her breakfast. We seem to be getting into a pretty good routine. This weekend it is supposed to be getting cold again, so I am not looking forward to outside stuff with her.
I am continuing to read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and I am enjoying it. It is the first book for the Silver Thimble book club. It is a good choice and I find myself immersed in the characters. I was going to start the assembly process on the Far East quilt but read instead. Today is another day.

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

How cool! Didn't know that you had skpe on your computer! Very techie! Had to laugh about Bailey escaping from the kitchen. She will soon have you trained. I too am enjoying Snow Flower. It's definitely a different culture. Have a great day!

laur said...

Becky knows dogs all too well! it's not the dog that gets trained, but the owner! (not that you are the permanent owner...but you ARE the guardian!)