Friday, April 11, 2008


When I get up on Friday morning, it is with the knowledge that there are only 8 more hours of work this week. Hopefully it will be a quiet day. Then comes my favorite night of the week (that's because I have the next 2 days off!)
Last evening I assembled all of the blocks for the Far East quilt. I hope it will be big enough for Laur's bed. Bailey got her first peek at it but I told her she could not walk on it until it is completed! She is in the kitchen at the moment picking out the wet food from her dry food and dropping dry food around her bowl. Laurie has such a smart dog! Did I say that?
The upcoming weekend weather does not look good. First some more rain and thunderstorms coming in from Alabama and then the temperature is supposed to drop. February weather in April...goodie! Pollen only made it to 2900+ yesterday brings on a dull headache and sniffy nose.
Today is the last day of Spring break and no school buses but Monday looms. It is so nice to sail across Oak Rd to work without sitting and waiting for the buses. And all the poor little darlings that are driven to school in their SUV's. I hope those cars get like 4 MPG. My kids had no problem riding a school bus-so there! Don't these mothers know what a great vocabulary builder school bus riding is?
This weekend I am going to try to get the borders on the quilt. Then I need to think about the backing. We bought a panel which will be the center section of the back. I have some blocks made that were in the top but I took out as I did not have enough fabric and also wanted for contrast-they will go in too. I guess it will end up as a work in progress until I complete it. I think I am going to have Peggy do the quilting on this one when it is done.
Coffe is ready and I need an infusion!

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Susan said...

Your Far East quilt is beautiful! I have to turn left out of our subdivision onto Oak Rd. to go to school, so I guess I'm part of that morning traffic that you've missed. I've enjoyed this Spring break. I've been sewing, organizing my UFO's, and shopping at quilt stores. It has really flown by!