Friday, April 25, 2008

the saga continues....

I sure hope the dementia does not progress quickly because this email change is going to cause serious headaches! I keep thinking about people that I receive email from and then send them a note to change my address. I remembered Melisa at Sweet Home this morning and shot her a note. I'm not quite sure how to to the stitch n sisters email and Laurie is somwehere on her way to Kyoto. I spoke to her last evening-had to check to make sure skype still worked. She was still sleeping when I called her but she was due to get up shortly. She has lots of good things on tap for the weekend and I am looking forward to pictures. I guess I will email the sister superior.

I have to clean this weekend. Kathy arrives on Thrsday. I am so excited to be seeing her. She knows what kind of a housekeeper I really am, so it will just be the basics. Laurie did remind me last night that Kathy has to lay hands on Bailey as she has always had a geriatric pet family. Who has a guinea pig that lives 6 or 7 years? i remember the Sunday that it finally departed and she had to go home to do the final preparations. Amazing I can't remember last week but I remember that Sunday. Go figure!

I also need to get into the sewing room and pick out stuff for step 2 of the mystery quilt but I am afraid thatwhat happened to Gretch will happen to me too! Ah well in the meantime I guess I should go get ready to head off to work. Yuk-I'd much rather stay home!!

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Becky said...

How exciting that Kathy arrives this week! I'd love to meet her, but won't be at Sisters next weekend. We are going to Lake Hartwell for Marion's work.