Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have created a monster......

I think I am in real trouble. Now Bailey is making noise BEFORE I get out of bed. She is up before 11Alive hits the airwaves! So it is slightly after 5AM and she has already been out and had breakfast! laurie is going to love getting up at the butt crack of dawn.

You would think that since I too am up at dark thirty, I could get some sewing done. I downloaded step three of the orange crush mystery quilt. Unfortunately (sp) I have not even started step 2! I hope Gretch and Becky are doing better than me. Ooops! And I still have not got the little quilt for Sue even close to being done.

Kathy arrives tomorrow so tonight I have to straighten up. I need to think of some fun things to do while she is here. I want to go to the Spruill Center on Sat to support Laurie's pottery group and the scholarship in honor of her departed friend Marianne. Other than that, I thought about Stone Mtn as Kathy has never been there. If it is a nice day, that would be fun!

But right now I am in desperate need for a cup of coffee!!

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Becky said...

Hope that Kathy has arrived safely. I think you need a field trip to Sweet Home, Intown, Stitch 'N Quilt, Tiny Stitches, Little Quilts.....

My dog must have whatever Bailey has. He is up all night long.

I have only half of Step 2 done. I printed out Step 3. I stopped yesterday at the J store for a Companion Angle ruler. That's all I have accomplished.