Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday stuff to do...

My girls asked me what is on tap for this weekend. I have an exciting life-"life in the slow lane" is just about it!
Well there is the laundry (did most of it last evening), then there is the cleaning-ongoing and right now slightly out of control as I have baby gates all over my house to separate the cats and the dog. Henry actually ventured out of the bedroom this morning while I was on my way to releasing Bailey from "her room" so she could go outside for a minute. What was he thinking? So now she is in the living room after her breakfast-she ate nearly all of it but had dry food left from last night- and the boys and Harry are safe in my bedroom.
My friend Becky was talking about a trip to Sweet Home in her blog. Last time she did that, Gretchen, Becky and I met out there. I really shouldn't go.....but I soooo love that store. And I need to stop at JoAnn's and see if I can find a klutz glove that she was talking about...that is in Snellville and Conyers is not that much further.....
I received a nice email from my nephew yesterday in response to an email I sent him. He is coming to Atlanta on a book tour in May. I really would like to go see him-it has been many years. I am hoping that I will be able to get at least one of the girls to go with me. It is "ITP".
Not looking forward to the cold air that is due in later this weekend. Bailey and I have enjoyed having the door open...not the front door-that makes her a little crazy with the action outside.
Laurie and I talked skype to skype last evening (her sat morning). It was good to be able to see her. She was moving into her new apartment later on that day. I got to see the view out of her hotel window as well. I am looking forward to a tour of her apartment.
So that is the excitement so far.....

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Gretchen said...

Sounds like good Saturday plans (except for the cleaning part who needs it!). I would be happy to escort you ITP in case one of your girls can't. Go there all the time. I now think OTP is scarier LOL!

PS: for those un-Atlantans ITP=inside the perimeter (aka I-285) mostly urban area including downtown ATL
OTP=outside the perimeter. Suburbs.