Saturday, April 19, 2008


Les fleurs de Jardin is completed. This makes #10 for completed quilts this year!!
I am quite pleased with myself to say the least! I still have one more to be picked up.

Today as turned out quite nice, weather wise. Not that I have been outside much. I picked up Sarah and Emma at Kris's house this morning and took them back home. Then I played "ponopoly" with Sarah while Rob took Emma to dance class. Sarah has sort of bent the rules with the game. Borrowing from the bank is okay. (Later I found out you are supposed to pay it back when you have the money, but Sarah forgot that little detail!) Then Rob took Sarah to soccer and I had Emma. Emma however, disappeared upstairs. All this activity kind of tired me out so when I came home, Bailey and I rested and napped on the couch. Bailey is a very bad influence on me!

When I spoke to Laurie last evening, she was planning on a little exploring. I can't wait to see if she did. I really need to get something accomplished this weekend. But so far, it does not look too promising!

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

Carol said...

I also just completed that quilt!! All I need to add is the borders. The instructions were pitiful at best. Glad you got it done.

Becky said...

Seems to me that Emma's thinking is very like most folks today. They borrow from the bank, but are surprised that it has to be paid back :) Bailey told me that you are the bad influence. She feels sorry for you and is napping just so that you will feel better :)

Congratulations on another finish!

Take care! Miss you!