Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange Crush Mystery Revisions

This morning when I got on the computer, in my email was one from my friend Becky. Good-her computer issues are fixed...well actually-she emailed this on Monday and it has been floating around since then! I know since she responded to my selections for the mystery quilt that I have since changed. BUT this morning I removed the tan as she suggested (too light) and put back the purple. So now the colors are hunter green, a medium red, purple and dark brown. I will bring them tomorrow to sisters for a better look. I have been working on the 2" strips and I think I probably have enough to begin sewing the four patches. Needs to be 300.
Also yesterday I worked more on Laurie's quilt and I have only 7 more of the blocks to construct before the assembly begins! I' bring that with me tonight for her to look at in person. Tomorrow is her big day....on to Japan. I'll take her to the airport in the morning and then swing back and pick up Bailey to bring her back here before I go to sisters.
I';; pick up Peace in the Valley tomorrow too. I am going to be quite busy!! The Frieds leave for Fla and Disney tomorrow too. Spring school buses yeah!!!!!!
Sure hope BEcky gets her computer fixed soon. I miss the blogs. And I hope Gretchen has better luck with her Bernina. It is amazing how accustomed I have become to checking on the blogs for what is going on!

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Becky said...

Miss you! Bring your Mystery fabrics to Sisters tomorrow. Would love to see Laurie's Oriental blocks too. I'm goingt to have trouble sleeping tonight. Ready for a day of sewing.