Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mushi mushi

Telephone rang this morning at 6AM. I emant to bring it into the bedroom when I went to bed last night but of course, I forgot. Laurie was calling from her hotel room in Tokyo. The connection is great-she could be calling from Alpharetta! Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of us so she was calling Sunday night. I had a really hard time figuring out what day it was when she was in India last year.
Yesterday was uneventful after the airport. I made it back up to Alpharetta and picked up Bailey and all of her paraphenalia (spelling?). Then brought her back here and settled her in. Then I went to sisters. I actually didn't feel like going but I wanted to check in with Gretchen and Becky regarding all the weeks news and Orange Crush. I am glad I went because I needed to be around friends. I was feeling quite sad at leaving Laurie at the airport. Don't get me worng. I am really happy for her-what an opportunity and adventure! I'm being just a mother and worrying about her so far from home and ME!! The older I get the more I worry about being far away from the girls. What a psycho!!
At sisters I picked up "Peace" (which was another reason I wanted to go. It really came out well and the rickrack is dynomite! When I finish the binding I will post pictures. This was the first back that I pieced and if I say so myself, it came out quite well. I am short blocks for the mystery quilt. I have to make some more strips so that I can finish. I am only short about 34 blocks, so I should be able to knock this part off this weekend.
After sisters, I came home and then BAiley and I took naps on the couch. I really didn't sleep well the night before and my couch is quite comfortable. I did wake up with an awful headache (sinus or allergy). Advil did the trick. I was going to go to the supermarket but that didn't happen. Will have to do that today. No milk-no coffee-not good!
Bailey did well last night. She is sleeping in the guest room. When I checked on her while talking to Laurie this morning, she was smack dab in the middle of the bed and not too eager to get up. After an early morning outing in the front yard, she is back on the couch. She brings new meaning to the word "couch potato". Maybe it should be "couch dog"?

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laurie said...

You know they say you should pick out your dog with qualities you posess. Like don't get a lab if you don't have lots of energy to run around, because they require that. (okay - so I'm reading Marley & Me and that's what they say it says. Anyway - what do you supposed it says about me that Bailey is a couch potato! Oops! Oh well!