Sunday, March 27, 2011

Greater Atlanta Shop Hop

I think this is year 12 of Shop Hop. I have done part or all of most of them. Cindi and I headed out bright and early yesterday morning. first stop (of course) was Sweet Home. I picked up my Atlanta fabric. I am thinking of a just can't cut it quilt in the future. I also will be making one of my new fabric bags. That cute bundle just jumped into my hand, so I needed to take that home as well. Becky and Kristie were already there shopping when we arrived. Also met friend Louise and her hubby Mike. Cindi and I had only planned on 2 shops but since Becky and Kristie were heading south to Scarlet Thread, we decided to follow.

Note-also picked up month 3 of Comfort and Joy. And so beginneth the applique. Support group should be on standby. I looked at it when I got home. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! This month is house construction.
We drove down and found the new location for Scarlet without a problem. The new shop is a wow! And right at the door as I walked in, what did I spy? A whole display of Lilac Hill. I did need another charm pack for my schnibble that will be part of the backing. And then I decided that I am going to make the quilt bigger than originally planned, so I need more yardage and another jelly roll. Cindi also needed some Lilac Hill and when Louise got there, she did too! Karmen-let Mom know just how much we love this line.

I also saw a cute bag pattern, so I got that and the handles as well.

We also visited Patchwork Cottage. Also featured at the entrance....yup-Lilac Hill. Could it be that it is a fav since lilacs don't grow in this area. But you can almost smell them as you look at the fabric. I miss lilacs in the Spring.

I headed home as I had an urgent appointment with the couch. It has been another awful week at work and I am exhausted. I am rapidly reaching the breaking point now. If there is no improvement, I will need to make some choices but I will wait until after the cruise to decide.

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Gretchen said...

I do believe that transplanted Northerners are snapping up the lilac fabric because we miss lilacs in the spring. You got some good stuff. I may head out to Mita's today. Still haven't been to Scarlet Thread--I think I'll wait for your next road trip & we can do damage together. I am on stand by for applique--you are gonna be GREAT! Big hugs & an open invitation to vent about work. Love from all of us at Stellabella

A Quilter Awakens said...

Hi Karin! Mom read your post before I did this morning. She is glad you all like Lilac Hill and enjoys seeing what you do with it. She wondered if you miss Peonies too? See you soon.

grandmarockton said...

sounds like a GOOD shop hop Wish I could do it!

Becky said...

It was wonderful visiting with you on Saturday. Your new quilts will be sensational! Rusty and I are no help with applique, but we always have a ear to listen. Take care!

Carolyn said...

I missed the shop hop but did preordered shop hop Fabric. And I am doing the BOM ( Comfort and Joy ) from Sweet Home. I feel like you about the applique. I havent done a lot of it, but I am going to try. I am going to fuse mine on and applique on my machine.
Keep us posted.