Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not to be outdone by Gretch...

..I got "Happy Mail" yesterday as well. I had started working on my Lilac Hill jelly roll on Sunday. I will take a picture when I have made a couple of more blocks. This line is sooooo yummy. I had an idea in the back of my mind, so I hopped on over to Fat Quarter Shop. My rationale was that gas prices are so high......Of course I would have spent less (probably) if I drove back over to Tiny Stitches..but Mr. Computer is just so easy. At any rate I came home yesterday to a loaded mailbox. Oh Happy Day!!! The charm pack will become a Schnibble for the back of the quilt..pattern yet to be determined. So Happy Mail was abundant yesterday in the ATL!!

Wild Willie was looking pensive yesterday..or maybe he was just being regal. He likes to sit on the back of my chair when I am on the computer.
Work a light in the darkness....keep repeating over and over again. I am presenting a happy face at work but deep down inside....not so much

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

Give Willie a scritch under that regal chin for me. I can't wait to see what your are doing with the jelly roll. See you at Thimbles. Karmen

Becky said...

See you this weekend! This is the best kind of mail!