Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hanging with Sarah and Emma

Sarah and Emma are here for a sleepover while mom and dad get rowdy in Atlanta. I picked the girls up on the way back from Alpharetta. I made a stop at the J store to get some craft projects for the night. We had our Mickey Dee's picnic in the living room on the teddy bear quilt. We have lots of movies that we can watch and of course there are the toys. Polly Pockets galore. We have made cookies already and it is only 7:45. The craft projects are sligthly less than successful, although Sarah did a good job on a little bunny house. I am trying to keep a path in the living room so that we can walk but not having too much success at this point.

Moda Man appears to be playing with the Polly Pocket girls. I am a little worried....

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