Sunday, June 5, 2011

The bad grandmother redeemed herself

Yesterday was Emma's dance recital. Did I remember? Of course not-I really need to write things down and paste them up on the refrig. Fortuantely, Sue called in time for me to drive over to Roswell. So much for the pedi today. I love the tiny dancers-they are so cute. Emma had her routine down pat and did well.
I brought the girls back here so Mom and Dad could go out for the evening. We stopped at Mickey Dee's and got our picnic food. Willie has not had any french fries in a very long time! Despite the mountains of fabric being sorted and cut up, Emma found room for the Polly's and Moda Man arrived for some fun times. He has not had any time with the girls in a long time either.
Thank goodness for Disney tv. I really need to figure out how to make the DVD work so we can watch movies. Sarah and Emma managed to make some crafts and pick out fabric for laundry bags.
They are still sleeping this morning.
I got to see Alice for a few minutes yesterday as well. I needed to make a delivery at her house of a little umbrella table and chairs for her outdoor entertaining. Only problem is that it is too hot to be outside right now...the heatwave goes on....

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