Saturday, April 28, 2012

weekends are going to be different soon

I had this great picture that I have been trying to post on this blog for the past half hour and IT WON'T WORK!!!!

Anway I'll have to go without my countdown picture.  Soon Saturday and Sunday will be just like the other five days.  No more Sunday afternon thinking that the weekend is almost over and back to work on Monday.  Just 20 work days left!!!!  AND I won't be missing that Monday thru Friday commute-even thoug it is not bad for Atlant standards

So far this weekend, I have finished step one of the mystery quilt and also have made 56 of the 80 strip sets for Swap 5.  Sarah and Emma arre spending the night.  Right now we have the Pollys in one area and boxes of Lego in another.  Wild Willie was not in the mood for McDonalds and only ate a couple of french fries at the picnic.

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