Sunday, May 6, 2012


My friend Pat (the Supreme Head Thimble) wrote a blog about being normal a few days ago. Check out Silver Thimble Talk- she is one funny lady but not really normal. I laughed so hard I cried.  It was too funny.  At any rate, I make no claim to being one of the "normal" ones. Take this morning, for instance.  I had to make a run to Publix because I had to have a BLT.  I had some B but no L or T.  I needed a few other things as well.  I usually shop on "old people's day" for the discount but since the freezer is kind of bare, off I went.

I got some lovely tomatoes and lettuce, and a few other things I needed and a few that I didn't need.  I am putting my stuff into the car and there in the cart I spot a piece of lavender fabric.  It looks like maybe a four inch square. Hmmm......would a "normal" person pick it up?  I did and put it right back in the cart.  Junky fabric, not worthy of becoming part of a quilt.

And now back home.  The BLT was excellent

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