Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Angel

The angel is in Part 3 of the Comfort and Joy pattern.  She does not yet have her facial features.  She also need to have her halo decorated.  But I am getting there!  In talking to Marty and Marilyn yesterday, telling them how my snowman has wonky arms.  They told me this is called "primitive".  And looking at the birdie, he is primitive too.  (Large wing for flying faster?) 

I am still plugging along on Easy Street.  I have 17 more blocks to go.  And (drum roll, please), while in the sewing room I found fabric for inner and outer border and almost enough for a backing-all from my stash!!!!

The pool reopened yesterday and I was glad to get back into the routine.  I must admit to some muscle stiffness last evening. 

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kristie said...

Looky at you Karin! Love that you are appliqueing without staples!

I haven't printed or looked at Part 8 of BH mystery. I am on part 5 and don't want to ruin it.

I am doing batiks like I talked to you about...liking it and only 5 fabrics ;o)