Saturday, October 20, 2007

time flies when you're having fun

The week flew by and still we anxiously await state survey. While part of me does not want to deal with that, I am rapidly reaching the point when I hope they show up so we can get this over with and administrative anxiety will go down! Maybe Monday or Tuesday will be the day.

I managed to stay awake last night to see the 9PM show that I wanted to watch-in it's entirety! Last week I missed the beginning and the end but the middle seemed good. Since I have read the books, I was interested to see how close the show would follow. The time constraint does effect the character development. It will be interesting to see how they allow these women to interact with each other. I liked the book series but we will see!

I have been thinking about turkey gravy this week! I have to call Williams-Sonoma to see if the gravy base is available. Last year I missed it. Might just have to take a road trip today if it is available!

This weekend's sewing project is in question. I have 2 tops that need to have borders applied. I also have to really attack the quilt for the red hat club at work. Stitch 'N'Quilt called yesterday and the top I left there is ready to be picked up. I didn't check the answering machine until I got ready to jump into bed. I guess I really should check that a little bit more often. I'm just not good with electronics!

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laurie said...

you also need to send the French fabrics quilt to the quilter already! yeesh!