Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

You know that it is Fall, when the witches start flying! You know it is Fall when the Hersey kisses are orange and brown. So tonight the little beasts will be about begging candy. I will do my usual-hide in the bedroom with the door closed! Who says the Grinch only comes at Christmas.

I did my duty for the old people today and wore a mask and wings at work. What was I? Damned if I know-I went for cheap. I got me some red wings that I kept poking people with and a cat mask. I had a collar with bells on it but that would not stay on. The mask was short lived too since I could not see very well with it on. Tripping over wheelchairs is not a good thing!

And now with this dastardly day just about over, we can start thinking about the upcoming months. Thanksgiving dinner and who is cooking what. Surely Laur will be doing "puff". She needs to do corn casserole too:) yum! For my part, I have already purchased the gravy from Williams-Sonoma and Mr. Peppridge should be already working on the stuffing. Yeah-done

In another moment of sheer insanity I agreed to walk again on turkey day. What was I thinking??? I will have the advil in the car to consume on the ride back home. Maybe it will rain...probably not oh well.

The Christmas card is ordered, am I efficient or what.....time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. For those of you who know who you are....please supply your suggestions!

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