Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting back to "normal"

Bailey has gone bak to Alpharetta and seems to be adjusting..she was certainly happy to "see" Laurie when I took her home. Other than difficulty going down the stairs she seems to be okay.
I am back to sleeping in my bed wootwoot!! The guys are quite happy too. We are all in the bed. The only downside is that SPooky thinks he should wake me up early to feed him. I'm still waking up at three but it is nice not to have to get up and let the dog out!
Haven't done any sewing because my back has been bothering me...sure wish FOster was in Ga. He could fix my back right quick.

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Becky said...

Yes! Your daughter is home! What a good weekend. Bailey is probably glad to be back in her home too. I'm glad to be home. Things are easier than I anticipated. Even Rusty is making adjustments :)