Monday, August 25, 2008

Pattern seeking.....

I spent the rest of the weekend seeking a pattern for my new jelly roll "fabulous fall". I also bought the layer cake. So far nothing hits me pattern wise. I spent a good deal of yesterday reclining on the couch. It really was kind of a wasted weekend. However, having looked daily at a bunch of fabric that I bought awhile ago that I did know what I did have a pattern in mind, I finally started that one. The line is called Spring fling and it has been sitting here since spring. It is made with charam pack "flowers" I did not get very far with it becasue I have decided to change my background color from white to a light green-more flowery. I happen to have the green from the baby quilt I made. Had to buy another backing since I did not buy enough of the first one.
but now I guess I should get ready to go to work

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