Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coffin quilts

This topic came up at Thimbles last weekend and I was telling my daughter about it. She had some interesting thoughts on the topic:

-is the quilt inside or on top of the coffin?
-if it is inside, is it under or over the dearly departed?
-does the quilt get folded up and presented to the family at the internment like a flag?
-who is the maker of the quilt?

I think these and other questions need to be explored by the group!

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Nancy Anne said...

You know, I never thought of those questions, but they are very pertinent!
1) both - one inside and one on top
2) maybe 3 - one over and one under
3) just the one on top
4) at least one by the dearly departed, if she has planned ahead. If not, then her family and quilting friends can take care of it for her!

Brenda said...

Never thought about that before, will have to give it some thought.

Becky said...

My vision of Coffin quilts is one that is on top of the coffin instead of flowers. Love the idea of folding the quilt and giving it to the famly. In our group, anyone of us could be the maker of the quilt. You might have a quilt that I am "lusting" after. You would be required to donate it for my coffin quilt. Same with all of his "thimble/sisters/pinheads"

Gretchen said...

I think I need at least 2 coffin quilts. One on top instead of flowers and one on the inside. Or I could just lay on a pile of UFOs LOL!!! I like the idea of having the quilt folded up and given to a family member. Any ol' quilt will do as long as it's not pink. If it's pink, I'm coming back to haunt someone LOL!!!!!!!