Saturday, May 23, 2009

Silver Thimble give away..

The Most Exalted Thimbel has posted a giveaway on her blog. That would be Silver Thimble talk. Pat is the crazy lady!!!! She is the moderator and sometimes the one in control when we meet. She even has a notion that she can get me to do heinous applique......NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!

I am working on the quilt to send north as a donation to NY Cursillo. I will post a picture when I get the borders on. My plan is to complete it this weekend so that I can get it to PJ before she leaves for Calif.
last evening I sewed the blocks together. I laid it on the floor so that I could stack it. Wild Willie decided he needed to contribute to the arrangement of the blocks. I ended up arranging the blocks with one hand-the other one was holding Willie! I know-I could have put him in the crate but he thought it was great fun and I want to encourage his artistic sense

The hissing has stopped here and while there has been no direct paw on paw contact-they are in the same room and in close proximity. Henry and Spooky still have access to the bed because Willie is too small to jump up and has not figured out that he can walk up a quilt! Like that is going to last

Back to putting on borders....

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Becky said...

Glad that you are no stifling Willie's creative energy. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend. I just took a four hour nap :) I'll blog about my week when I finally have the energy. One more day of work, then Summer Break!