Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enough already!!!

I have spent the afternoon on the couch under a quilt and cat, recovering from my wonderful time. Just a few more comments. The sleeping arrangements: My condo mates were Cathy, Ann and Cindi. Thank you Cathy for bringing the coffee-I need it to get my eyes opened. Probably could not have made it down the steps to breakfast without it!!! We had late evening time discussing all the world's issues. By the way-we didn't solve any, but that's okay.

So when I finally stirred this afternoon, I hear the weather forecast....more of the S-word. And if that happens, I will be waiting at home until it stops before I go into work! I could use another day off anyway.

Only have a week to wait until Thimbles weekend. Yippee......and then the end of the month, I am going to Marietta to see BONNIE HUNTER!!!!!! (I also made good progress on the pinwheels for Patches and Pinwheels. I think I have to make another 35 or so and then I can begin to put it together. I guess I know what I will be doing at Thimbles.
Hope the head Thimble posts pictures when she recovers!
also-the Moda Man had a good time on retreat-he played in the snow and participated in a drawing. He really enjoyed bonding with Pat. Better not let Sir Quilt Boy know!

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