Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silver Thimble Weekend in the Mountains

What a wonderful weekend it was. Whitepath Lodge is just so pretty. Arrived on thursday and began sewing. Field trip Friday morning. Early afternoon it started to snow and snowed the rest of the day. Too bad we can not get down the mountain!!! I sewed like a slave and was able to finish Reenuzit. No pictures-hopefully someone has one. I was bound and determined to finish this top. I love the pattern and the fabaric. It is a spectacular collection. Love you Moda Man!!! You are my hero!!!
The food was UNBELIEVEABLE!! I need not eat for at least several days. Julie and Pat-kept us happy. Every time you turned around-more food! We were one bunch of happy quilters!! Our fearless leader outdid herself with this weekend. Pat-you are the best!!
The condo was great. i could live up there if I had a million dollars. Well I can dream!
Only happy people today...Henry, Spooky and Wild Willie

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A Quilter Awakens said...

I have given you an award for letting us know what you all were up to on the retreat. Thanks for sharing the fun. Karmen