Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moda Man's new ride

Yesterday I spent time with my wonderful friends at Thimbles. These women are such a creative and funny bunch. It is amazing how fast the time flies when we are together. Sometimes we don't accomplish a lot but we solve a lot of the world's problems. Of course, there is Pat, our fearless leader. We even let her believe she has some control over this group...haha. She says it is like herding cats..I think that would probably be easier.
Moda Man likes to go and watch the goings on. Yesterday someone said that he needs a car. After all, he already has furniture. Kristie thought it should be a jag. At any rate, after Thimbles and an oil change for MY car, we went car shopping. Mind you, now I am in Toys R Us with Moda Man holding him up to cars.
We finally settled on the beauty above. He could not wait to show you. I am going to have it "detailed". Picture to follow when I figure out how to do it. He thought he needed a pet as well! His new wheels have great possibilities. Lots of room for stuff!

On another note-Pat emailed me a picture of Mark. I am calling him the other Moda Man. Now I have to go to the J store and find paint so I can get MM's hair color correct. also need to find teeny glasses

2 wonderful peoplecomments:

A Quilter Awakens said...

I LOVE it! You found the perfect Moda-man vehicle! Karmen

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

He looks terrific in his new car. I love the crap on top. That I how the bus is going to look when we come back from Paducah. A Jag would be great but I think this one is more ...welll....more moda like!

Yup its just like herding cats!!!!