Friday, April 16, 2010

Pat, Moda Man and the Friday night Thimbles

Pat emailed me a picture today of the other Moda Man. She called him the real Moda Man but I will be calling him the other Moda Man! We had a discussion about them this evening. I now have to get a pigma pen to change his hair color and find some teeny tiny glasses! Then Pat said she thinks he needs a car..not just any car but one that is patterned! And who says that I am the only one off a little bit?

I wanted to visit the Friday night Thimbles so I could see some of the people I miss on Saturday. Also needed to see if Pat located the pieces of last month's project that I dropped in the parking lot. Fortunately she did. i came home and am trying to figure out how this thing goes together. Maybe tomorrow it will make more sense!

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Brenda said...

Great to see you on Friday night, glad I finally got to meet Moda Man.