Sunday, July 11, 2010

Figgy Pudding Razzle Dazzle

I replaced the batteries in the camera today so Now I am good to go.
This is the quilt top I worked on yesterday out at Sweet Home. The fabric is Figgy Pudding-Basic Grey's last year line and the pattern is from the second book by the Lintott ladies from across the pond. ("Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts" is the name of the book). Their next book is due soon.
Sarah picked out the green fabbie to go with this wonderful piece of fab that I HAD to have. I am glad she picked it out, even though it won' t be used like I had anticipated.
This morning I spent some time looking for a piece of fabric that I bought for a backing last year. It is missing. Haven't a clue what I did with it or where it is! Oh well-I guess I will need to go shopping!!!!

5 wonderful peoplecomments:

Gretchen said...

Ms. Sarah picked out the perfect fabric for this quilt. Now surely you have the backing somewhere! Send Moda man in to retrieve it LOL!

CINDI said...

If I could find the fabric I would look in my trunk. But we know that I use it for fabric storage.
It is going to be darling.

Unknown said...

The quilt looks great, the green fabric is wonderful.

Susan said...

I love the fabrics in that quilt! The green really brings them out!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Ooh that will be lovely! Your header photo is amazing!