Saturday, July 10, 2010

Teddy Bears, Gummy Bears and lots of fun

Today was the day we were planning to sew out at Sweet Home. A time to be with other Thimbles between our "official" time together. Kristie and Becky were unable to come and we did miss them. But now we have the opportunity to schedule another time to sew.
Melisa had her bears all over the shop and there was a photo op. Moda Man had his picture taken with the bear. Unfortunately, my batteries died-so no pictures. Hopefully I will be able to see the one that Melisa took. She had give aways and prizes and lots of good stuff all over the place. Of course while we were upstairs sewing, we needed to take a field trip or two downstairs to shop.
Gretchen worked on a wonderful little Schnibbles project and finished it up. Cindi was putting borders on brother's quilt. I worked on the quilt I am making for Kris from last year's Figgy Pudding line. I made good progress. Sarah came to visit and helped me to spend some money. (Like I need help at Melisa's)!
The time flew by-but the good thing is next weekend is a Thimbles weekend. Lots of time for sewing, laughing and being with good friend!

Thank you Melisa-you are the best!!

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