Friday, November 19, 2010

Starting on the latest Thimble girls swap

Well actually I had already started it-cut out all those little one and a half inch squares. I decided I would play with it in the hotel last evening. I figured I would need to fondle some fabric after a day at the home office. I had it all planned and took my little box of stuff with me, plus a little mat and my rotary cutter. I forgot the ruler. BUT I improvised with the directory in the room. Okay-so now it is not quite the way it was before I began-it now has a few raggedy edges. Please don't tell!

When I got home this afternoon-thankfully we got out early and I was able to drive down 85 in daylight, I made 2 blocks. I think I have 22 more to go. I have to check with the girls to see what size we are making as I can not remember. Yet another senior moment!!

So looking forward to Thimbles tomorrow. I wish I could go tonight as well but I am just too tired. all I really want to do is put on my jammiies, get on the couch with the guys and under a quilt!

3 wonderful peoplecomments:

Becky said...

Love it!!!!! Makes me want to begin working on my quilt immediately! Thanks for sharing your progress! See you in the morning!

Gretchen said...

WOW! Look how great that is!!! I really need to get busy on our swaps... I picked out a possible one for the next swap (after Dec. of course) I missed seeing you but some of us are planning on going to Melisa's early next Friday. Are you going?

Unknown said...

Looks great, I need to get started on it.