Monday, November 1, 2010

A tail of cats and quilt

Wild Willie and Henry keeping up with the blogging world. They are especially interested when I tell them that Stella and the boys are in the news. Henry is waiting for me to settle down on the couch, so he can get comfortable.

Wild Willie, official top inspector is checking out the X Block quilt. It is the 2010 quilt camp project. I must admit, I lost interest in putting on the outside application, so I just did a plain border. I really love the fabric line. (Moda, of course)

Not to be left out of the evening activities, Spooky joined in on the inspection process. Shortly after this picture was taken, an altercation happened and currently the quilt top is in a wad! I must go rescue it before any damage is done!

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Gretchen said...

Stella and the boys say HELLO!!! They are so happy to see Spooky enjoying your new quilt. Stella and Gomez almost got lost in the scary fabric armoire (aka a Bermuda triangle/black hole) while I was pulling fabric for groovy girls.