Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sarah's Birthday???

Laurie is the official party planner (or party natzi). We know where Sarah gets the gene from). Actually when I checked my camera, there are no party pictures. Could be that 16 nine year old girls are just too much for this old girl. The party team was scrap booking and each little girl made a little photo book with their own pictures. Cute idea. It always amazes me when I watch Sue with children. She is a natural teacher. Since Sarah and Emma now go to the school where she teaches, these kids knew that she was that Ms. Friedrichs.

Kris and Alice watching the party. Alice is a definite- I love those pants!

Mommy is inside and Alice is just checking to make sure she can see her!
Apology to the birthday girl but she was very busy entertaining. I will try again next week as Emma has her party. I just am too old to get in the thick of it. I did my time!
Yesterday was also Thimbles. I made binding for the Brandon quilt and layered it. I have to re do that part since I have a ginourmous wrinkle. I hope to get it done this week. It was fun being with the Thimbles as usual. I had some applique tutoring with Sarah no blog. She is doing Comfort and Joy in needle turn (and doing a beautiful job). While I would love to do that, I have to acknowledge that at my age, I would never finish this baby. I am still telling Pat that my method of choice will be "mechanical applique" otherwise known as staples! I think it is a novel solution (just kidding). The applique does not start until month three. Month two is this week.
Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow...gotta go clean the house!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Such the week...

I had great intentions of sewing and blogging this week. It just didn't happen. Bright and early Monday morning "the state" came in on annual survey. They were overdue and I had been having anxiety that they would blow in last week. Thankfully they waited. So just what makes for a happy week...8 people running around with their laptops asking questions!
Then Wednesday morning I was struck with the bug..started out with chills and then (there is no way to say it other than Laurie's way...the doodies. A nasty little bug. Thursday morning I stepped on my glasses that some how ended up on the floor and popped one of the lens.
The good thing is now it is Friday evening. TGIF ..

Tomorrow is Thimbles and a birthday party for Sarah cakes...good times

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Second Annual Elijay Quilting Retreat

with apologies...I took my camera and never took any pictures. I know that the Head Thimble-Crown Princess Pat will post some and hopefully I won't look too ridiculous but no guarantees! After a snow delay we made it up to the No Ga mountains. The roads were clear except for one icy spot on the mountain.
Some extraordinary quilts were produced this weekend. I was in the presence of some very talented women. I did finish my quilt top and will get a picture of it soon. The only problem with the weekend was that it was too short!
More later on....after I have a nap!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"I've been away from you along time"...

My recent blogging has been like my life...not much going on (except work)! My first finish for 2011 is "My Maison". I just love this fabric line by French General. I scooped up a layer cake after Melisa returned from market last Spring. The pattern uses the Twister tools-large and small. As usual, Wild Willie is doing the inspection..although he has already been sleeping on it as I did the binding.

The back is from a charm pack of the earlier French General line. Nancy of Blogging Near Philadelphia gifted me some pieces in a giveaway she had on her blog. Again, thank you Nancy. I did a Schnibble pattern for the center and surrounded it with some yardage.
I need to pull myself up by my boot straps and get going. I need to make the quilt for the Morris Brandon raffle next month. Sue reminded me that it is that time again. Oops...I have the fabric and I even know exactly where it that's a start.