Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thimble weekend

I had to do Thimbles on Friday as I had to work yesterday and could not go to my usual time. I did get to see most of my buds as they were there on Friday too.

I picked up my exchange squares but they came home in the bag. i am not starting yet another project until I finish some of the ones in progress now! Also picked up swap # 4 and that also came home to be started at a later date.

I made that cute little lavender block. I found it in a plastic bag when I was cleaning the sewing room. The directions stated it was a $5.00 Saturday block from Sweet Home. Don't remember the year it was offered. Melissa??? Also did a stand and stow for Kris. I have one more of those to finish.

Need to get back to the sewing room clean up but the house is clean right now and I hate to mess it up!

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Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

That block was from our very first Saturday Sampler program in 2006...better late than never!