Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Henry Report

H e was not a happy camper yesterday! But the saga goes back to the weekend. He was unable to sleep in his usual place (on his pillow, on the bed) as it was too warm. The ac people came out and fixed the unit temporarily. Monday the new furnace/ac was installed. Ah the house is comfortable again. But by Monday evening, I noticed the thermostat would not go below 80 and i heard the fan running all night.
I had to wait until Tues evening for the guys to come back-had to go to work to pay for the new furnace/ac! The temp in the house at 5PM-91 degrees. The repair guys came when they said they would -coo dos to Ace and A. It seems a weld did not hold. It took several hours for the temp and humidity in the house to drop but by bedtime, we were all comfortable and Henry did indeed sleep in his usual spot!

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